online: 16 july 2005

16 july 2005 benign explosions

21:30 The city is in smog, in the sky there are no clouds - just hazy air towards the horizon... no wind... and the moon is just over half full, above the trees to the south-west.

To the north i hear the massed voices of a crowd roaring approval at the sight of fireworks in semi-daylight ... I can see smoke trails left by rockets, and by sub-rockets, forming tree-like structures in the air and moving bodily in the breeze... they are softening gradually as they move - as do the vapour trails of jet aircraft... the tracks of lines and puffs of exploding stars turning slowly into mist... benign explosions...

The city lights came on as i was writing... i did not see them switching on.

To the north-west is a long plume of smoke above the trees and beyond them - several kilometres away - i expect it's from the fire reported earlier... it was at a recycling centre...

In the train... people in summer clothes - everyone seems relaxed - no sign of the fear or anxiety that changed the atmosphere in trains and buses just after the malign explosions nine days ago.

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