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17 july 2005 listed books

first thoughts (details later):

1984 technology changes

1991 designing designing

1998 notes and plays

2000 the internet and everyone

2000 after Giraldus (1979)

2001? file of a dozen or so 'invisible books'

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l i s t e d d e s i g n s a n d b o o k s

Today i am beginning a digital catalog of some of my designs and books rescued from inaccessible parts of my memory or archive

listed designs

listed books

(in the UK a 'listed' building is an antique that is considered to be worth preserving!)

The first antique design that comes to mind is a proposal for a mobile Welsh Assembly building, moving each year to a different town in Wales, as does the National Eisteddfod.

The idea of rescuing this design came to me this morning when i switched on the radio and heard that the new Senedd or Welsh Assemby Building in Cardiff is being opened today.

Still feeling sorry for my ignored design proposal, i decided to bring it to light in softopia, my public writing place, TODAY!

...then generalising that idea, i decide to catalogue some of my hidden or neglected designs... and books also...

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