online: 27 january 2006
modified: 26 january, 9 FEBRUARY 2006

26 january 2006 looking back

14:50 after walking across West Heath and Sandy Heath, glad to be out after a morning in bed beset by thoughts of the difficulties of what i am attempting... field seat: 2 women with 10 to 20 dogs... they walk away southwards into a beech forest... (i call the one who leads them 'Diana the Huntress')...

...looking back at recent entries (several of which i see are not yet online!) i am encouraged to hasten home to complete the omitted ones and to make them public...

17:17 ...the first omitted entry that i complete and put online today is this:
30 december 2005 like a snowfall...

...later i hope to rescue these:

1 january 2005 nothing happened
3 january 2005 the architecture of movement
12 january 2005 interpretations

please click on the names of omitted entries as they appear here (otherwise they may remain unseen?) i reconsider recent pieces (omitted or not) i realise that they are not so much diary entries as records of 'events and thoughts as they happened' (around the writer and on the electronic screen) comparable, perhaps, to lyrical poems... though some refer to larger events and thoughts... becoming, as they expand and connect, more like an epic poem... (such thoughts keep me going, amidst consequent difficulties).

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